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What is ESLoop?

 The Web of English 


    The Web of English aims to offer worthwhile material for all those around 
    the world who are trying to learn that difficult but useful language, English - 
    and for those who are helping them to learn it.

    The ELT material here so far is primarily for teachers and authors.

    A major feature is a materials writing checklist for anyone involved 
    with developing materials for language learning, whether for publication 
    or just for private use. The checklist focuses on English in the first instance.  
    However, over the years I've also worked with authors of materials for 
    learners of French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, and I hope 
    the list will be of use to
all writers of language learning materials.

    I've also listed links to ELT websites I myself have found useful.


    Currently I’m a media and communication consultant (see here for 
    further details if you are interested!). However, I was a publisher for 
    many years (and in fact still offer publishing training and other services
    now). So I've included a
publishing corner for authors; the current
    pages offer some tips on

        - submitting material to publishing houses 

        - writing highly illustrated materials.

        - copyright, contracts, fees and royalties.

    There is also list of useful publishing links.

    Finally, for aspiring publishing professionals and people already in 
    the industry who want to upgrade their skills, there is a link to a very 
    useful resource listing publishing courses around the world.

    Richard Slessor